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The family dynamics in World War II-era movies make today's political disagreements seem like sandbox squabbles.


film noir

A long dark night of the soul.

With all the talk of Hollywood happy endings and superficiality, take a gander at film noir and the films produced in Hollywood from 1941 to 1958. Film noir. These collaborative efforts of American and European exile filmmakers plunged the depths of what would come to be known as the American abyss.

Coinciding with the U.S. entry into World War Two, this was the era when European émigrés from Hitler's continent found a home and work in Hollywood, where they would capture their most intimate and immanent nightmares—what they had left, what they knew, what might come—and explore the shadowy alleys in the soul of humanity. A long dark night.

Noir City Annual - Film Noir Foundation

Marc Svetov's writings on film noir originally appeared in the Noir City Sentinel, now Noir City E-mag, published in electronic format by the Film Noir Foundation. A number of the articles were later printed in Noir City Annual #1 Noir City Annual #2, Noir City Annual #3, as well as Noir City Annual #4 (2011), Noir City Annual #6 (2013), and Noir City Annual #7 ( 2014).

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Up Close and Personal: Rifts in the Family & among Friends in Address Unknown, Watch on the Rhine, The Big Lift and The Man I Married and Other Films

Before Hollywood: Max Ophüls, Curtis Bernhardt, and Robert Siodmak in Exile in Paris (Bright Lights Film Journal site), PDF version

Strangers in Purgatory: On the "Jewish Experience," Film Noir, and Émigré Actors Fritz Kortner and Ernst Deutsch (Bright Lights Film Journal site), PDF version

Returning Veterans in Film Noir

Forbidden Films - Nazi Films 1933-1945

Rubble Noir A7

Three Bad Men - Neville Brand, Elisha Cook, Dan Duryea  A6

Atomic Noir - Aspects of Postwar Paranoia  A4

Jean-Pierre Melville - Film Noir 2.0  A4

Racism and Rage - Robert Ryan in Crossfire and Odds against Tomorrow A4

Life and Death (Mostly Death) in the Streets: Weegee and Film Noir  A3

Bernhardt, Litvak, Negulesco: The Forgotten Noir Directors  A3

Henri-Georges Clouzot  A3

Don Siegel, Film Noir, and Politics: The Twists and Turns of a "Post-Noir Anti-Auteur"  A2

Directed by Robert Siodmak  A2

Funny Games and the History of Hostage Noir  A2

Franz Kafka: Noir's Orphaned Father: Tracing the Roots of Modern Dread

Beyond the Fedora: Gothic Noir

European Exiles in '40s Hollywood: Their Impact on Film Noir  A1

Émigrés and the Film Noir: Expressionism and the Dispossessed  A1

Émigrés and the Film Noir: Fritz Lang  A1

Émigrés and the Film Noir: Max Ophuls: Noir's Stealthy Modernist  A1

Émigrés and the Film Noir: Billy Wilder  A1

Nazis & Commies in Noir: Taking the Low Road of Caricature and

Unsung Heroes of Film Noir: Clifford Odets, Broadway's Blackest Bard  A1

Unsung Heroes of Film Noir: Daniel Fuchs, New Yorker in the Golden

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A2   Available in Annual #2

A3   Available in Annual #3

A4   Available in Annual #4

A6   Available in Annual #6

A7   Available in Annual #7